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Why Us? (Part one)

The simple answer is:  LEATHER QUALITY.  If you have been looking for strong, durable, and lifetime lasting leather goods, you MUST start with the highest quality premium leather.  Don't just take someones word that they are, indeed, using quality leather.  Ask to see it.  Look at the pictures for items you are interested in purchasing.  Zoom in if you can.  Are the edges smooth and finished with no fuzziness?  How about the back side of the leather?  Compare our products side-by-side to those you are thinking of purchasing.  Match up the back side of ours to theirs.  The leather should have a very smooth, tight looking grain to it.  The photo below shows a comparison of what you should be looking for.  The sample on the right is what we use.  You can see the grain is very tight with a smooth surface.  This leather will not stretch very much and will have a nice firm feel.  The sample on the left shows you what a lot of other leather makers use.  The bottom side is very fuzzy looking.  The leather is spongy and will stretch a great deal.  This usually comes from the belly of the hide and is the worst piece to use.  If you can't see the back side of the leather then look at the edges.  Are they raw and unfinished?  Do they have fuzzy pieces "growing" on them?  If so, find another company to purchase from.  But be sure to compare their leather quality as well. 

Are their products free from scars, scratches, and insect bite marks?  Those are not "character" marks.  They are DEFECTS!  All of our products use the best pieces from the best premium hides available.  Unless noted, all of our leather comes from heavy American cow hides.  Some of which is sourced and tanned right here in good old Pennsylvania!

DO NOT let anyone TELL you how great their leather is.  Set our leather next to their's and COMPARE for yourself.

Think about it, why are you paying premium prices for the lowest quality leather? 

Check out the videos below for more insight into the tanneries from which our leather originates.


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